Why DIR/Floortime?

‘The Floortime Approach (DIR) is a highly effective treatment approach that focuses on the interactive process with the child.  There is an emphasis on the interaction between the child and the parent/caregiver, with the goal being directed toward developing attention and regulation, mutual engagement, purposeful interaction with gestures and problem solving, elaboration of ideas and building bridges between ideas.  The Floortime (DIR) approach is appropriate for children who have difficulties in all or some of these areas of development; it is also wonderful as a philosophy of interaction with all children.  This approach recognizes that a child’s functional emotional capacities and individual difference influence development through the medium of the child-caregiver relationship.  The child brings his individual differences into the interaction patterns in order to negotiate and hopefully master each of the core functional developmental capacities. 

In summary the DIR approach seeks to understand the infant or young child’s ability to organize experiences and deal with his or her real world – in other words, to function.’

DIR/Floortime® is an approach which may appear different to other approaches – this model focuses on each child’s individual profile, and combines a multitude of options for therapeutic treatment through a fluid, play-based approach, which is tailored to your child. This approach was initially developed by Stanley Greenspan, M.D., working with a multidisciplinary team of experts.

D.I.R.® stands for Developmental, Individual-difference, Relationship-based.

  • D = Developmental. A child’s functional emotional developmental profile, encompassing not just linear milestones, but rather how the developmental areas work together with the environment to shape your child’s development.
  • I = Individual Differences. Children have unique physiological, neurological, psychological, communication, motor and sensory processing differences, also called the individual profile.
  • R = Relationship Based. Relationships between the parent or caregiver and the child are the central organising principle in promoting development.

For further information on these exciting approaches, and to review upcoming DIR/Floortime® news, please visit: http://www.stanleygreenspan.com/