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We are currently very excited about our social camps coming up in the April holidays, and are looking forward to seeing great progress for all of our families who are attending!

Social Camps

We have been running social camps in the school holidays for the past year for two hours a day, 5 days a week. We have had fantastic feedback from both the children and parents with many spontaneous friendships developing. Our camps generally have between 6-8 children in them and also enable us to see who would be most suited to go into a regular peer group during the term.

The focus of our camps is providing the children with successful and supported opportunities to engage in peer interactions. Our goal is for the child to experience how to remain regulated and interactive while independently engaging with their peers.

The children are grouped according to their level of social/developmental levels and ages. This enables us to design each program specifically for the stage that the children are at and to provide the appropriate level of support to facilitate success in the social arena.

During the two hour period the children engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, performing physical, art/craft and sensory activities. We also have morning and afternoon tea times scheduled into the sessions, which assists us in working on any feeding issues or issues around remaining in a group to eat with our peers.


Parent Workshops

Our parent workshops aim to provide parents with the theory and practical knowledge to assist them when engaging with their child. They are run at night once a week for two hours over eight weeks.

These workshops provide the parents with the tools to identify their child’s developmental level, their individual processing profile and how to further build the relationship with their child so that they can maximize every interaction with their child.

Parent Information Sessions

We are now offering 90 minute sessions for parents and carers which focus on providing more information around understanding their own and their child’s individual profile.  This enables families to better understand how to further therapy when at home and in the community.  We are currently offering sessions on Individual Profiles, which we have found to be essential information for all families attending regular therapy sessions, and are preparing programs for other areas of interest.

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Keystone School

Keystone will be Australia’s first DIR®/Floortime based primary school for children diagnosed with autism and those having difficulties in relating and communicating. The school is not yet open for enrolment, as it is still in the developmental stages. We are planning to open early next year, and at present we are looking for people to assist with fund raising. For more information, please visit: