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Training Workshops

for Parents and Professionals


“A very useful workshop for parents and carers that will help you develop strategies to deal with challenging behaviours. I recommend this to all parents.”

MK, Balmain

“Georgina’s workshop provided a great opportunity to reflect on my role as a parent and the importance of understanding what factors may be affecting my children’s behaviour. I now have the understanding and tools to provide the necessary support to my kids – and importantly – to myself.”

JS, Riverview

"I really enjoyed learning about looking beyond my child's behaviour to a much deeper level and understanding why they are behaving a certain way. I now get to connect with my children from a calmer perspective when they are experiencing difficult emotions.

I love Georgina's passion for her work and how much she would like to convey to parents how important it is to see what's going on for our children and ourselves.

Thank you for a great workshop."

CL, Wahroonga

Understanding the


Behind the Behaviour!



Presented by DIR Certified Trainer, Georgina Ahrens, this workshop would benefit

  • Parents and Carers

  • Occupational and Speech Therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Teachers (Preschool, Primary and High School)

  • Teacher's Aides

  • Day Care educators


It's difficult and heart wrenching to watch a child struggle to regulate in everyday situations - to concentrate on tasks or interact playfully with their family and peers.  Are meltdowns and tantrums impacting the family?  Are they stopping the family from doing everyday activities?  When a child has gaps in their Functional Emotional Developmental Milestones this can impact many aspects of their lives and can make seemingly simple everyday tasks a struggle.


Do you know a child who:

  • has meltdowns and challenging behaviours

  • has difficulty interacting with peers

  • has difficulty sharing emotions

  • is unable to self regulate

  • struggles to develop to their own potential


Georgina Ahrens has over 20 years of paediatric therapy experience and passionately believes that children are entitled to support and interventions that are tailored to their individual needs.

Understanding Individual Processing Profiles will help provide you with tools to analyse the ‘Why’ behind a child’s behaviour.  You will learn to recognise the triggers and adapt your interactions to support the child to move up the developmental ladder.


You will learn how to understand your own individual processing profile which will then help you understand a child's profile.  When you understand your own profile you can tailor your interactions to ensure that you don't contribute to their sensory overload and you can implement strategies to support them to be more independent and regulated in all environments.


When you understand a child's emotions you can begin to engage with them in meaningful ways to enhance and build their relationships with you and others.

When:                          Friday, 12 April 2024


                                     Friday, 20 September 2024

Where:                         North Ryde Golf Club, Twin Road, North Ryde

Time:                            9.30am - 2.30pm

Cost:                             $375 

Earlybird discount:     $300 until 10 March 2023 Workshop use code KWApr

                                     $300 until 6 August 2023 for September workshop use code KWSept


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About the Workshop


This one day workshop is packed with practical tools to support you in understanding a child's Individual Processing Profile.  By understanding the child’s Individual processing profile you will be able to understand the ‘Why’ behind many of their behaviours.

Children with challenges in their Individual Processing Profile are more likely to demonstrate a range of challenging behaviours and those of us caring for or working with them need to understand ‘why’ the child is doing these behaviours and how we can support them in their development to move up the developmental ladder.

By attending this workshop parents will be better equipped to analyse your own and a  child's Individual Processing Profiles, so that they can support them to be more independent and regulated in all environments.  You will also be provided with information around the Functional Emotional Developmental Milestones with video examples of these developing in a variety of children.


  • Individual Processing Profile’s – analysis of profiles

  • Chasing the Why behind the behaviours

  • A practical overview of level Functional Emotional Developmental Levels

  • Practical strategies for enhancing interactions and development


  • To develop an introductory understanding Individual Processing Profiles and the impact on attention and development

  • To identify children at each level of development using the Functional Emotional Development Levels.

  • To identify children’s and parents’ individual differences and how this impacts on the parent-child relationship and the child’s development.

  • To begin to be able to understand the ‘Why’ in your child’s behaviours


About Georgina Ahrens

Georgina has over 20 years’ experience in Paediatric Occupational Therapy having worked in the United States and the United Kingdom before setting up her private practice in Sydney in 2003.

After Georgina completed her Bachelor of Applied Science – Occupational Therapy from the University of Sydney in 1996 she then went on to work extensively with children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders in the United States.  Georgina recognised the progressiveness of the DIR® Floortime™ model and chose to continue her education by becoming a Certified Trainer.  Georgina has continued to build on her knowledge by completing training and certification in the internationally recognised treatment models of Social Thinking, Marte Meo, Circle of Security, Therapeutic Listening and a wide range of other programs.

Georgina was instrumental in bringing the DIR® Floortime™ model of therapy to Australia and is recognised as a master clinician having completed the extensive Basic Professional, Fellows and Training Certificates.  This therapy model focuses on a child’s social/emotional development, Individual Profile and relationships as well as adapting the therapy to holistically treat a child’s unique challenges and in some cases environment.

Georgina passionately believes that “One size does not fit all” when it comes to paediatric therapy.  She believes that children with special needs are entitled to support and interventions that are tailored to their individual needs.  Understanding each child’s underlying individual processing profile of strengths and weaknesses will aid in providing successful comprehensive intervention which will enhance the child’s skills towards reaching their potential and building meaningful relationships.

Georgina was fortunate to be mentored by many leading clinicians in the field of Paediatrics but in particular by Dr Serena Weider (Clinical Psychologist), Mona Delahooke (Child Psychologist), Michele Ricamato (Speech and Language Pathologist), Rosemary White (Occupational Therapist) and Dr Rikki Robinson (Paediatric MD and Clinical Professor of Paediatrics).  Georgina values the mentoring she received and uses her skills and experience to mentor and train other Occupational Therapists in the DIR® Floortime™ model.

Georgina initially started her private practice as a sole therapist but has rapidly grown to a clinic of eight Occupational and Speech Therapists supporting families whose children have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory processing challenges, social emotional challenges, neurological challenges, developmental delays and complex disabilities.

Georgina is also a Director of the Keystone School which is a not for profit group working to build Australia’s first DIR School and through this has developed the Keystone Education Module which is used to educate teachers on understanding Individual Profiles and the social emotional needs of the children. Through this Keystone have developed a play-based screening tool that is used in both Preschools and Schools to support the teachers in identifying at risk children and how to support them in the classroom.

Workshop Cancellation Policy:


Registered participants who are unable to attend and notify us of this in writing prior to 14 days before the workshop may either:

  1. cancel their registration and receive a refund of the payment minus a $50 administration fee;

  2. transfer their registration to another participant (no fee incurred).


No refunds will be provided for cancellations made within 14 days of the workshop.  Registered participants who cannot attend may transfer their registration to another participant (no fee incurred).

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