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Treatment List

Evaluation with Comprehensive Written Report

An initial two hour session where time is spent looking at the interactions between child and caregivers, sensory modulation and regulation, discrimination and motor planning.

We have both a verbal review at the time of the evaluation and an extensive written report.

Individual Treatment Sessions

Weekly 1 hour individual sessions which are tailored to the child’s specific level of development.

Parents are actively involved in these sessions so that we can coach them on how to further develop their program at home.

Social Setting Treatment Sessions

1 hour Peer sessions with either typical peers

or the children may be matched with peers who

have similar challenges.

Child In Speech Therapy




During most school holidays Kids World offers 3 separate programs - Social and Communication Program; Mobility Development Program and Self-Management Program. 

These programs run as 2-hour intensive sessions over 4 or 5 consecutive days.

Children will be allocated into sessions based on the suitability of other interested

peers of a similar age and ability.



Georgina Ahrens runs parent training sessions throughout the year. Groups of parents come together to learn more about the theory and practicalities of the DIR®/Floortime Model as well learning how to analyse their own Individual Profile as well as their child's profile.

The focus is to assist parents with developing their knowledge to implement a comprehensive program at home.

School &



When requested by the parents we can go into the

school to provide practical strategies and advice to

the staff working with your child.

Teacher and Class


Georgina provides lectures for parents and professionals on the DIR® model for half day, day or two days to help others gain a more in depth understanding of the model.

Other DIR lectures are offered throughout the year with Georgina Ahrens and Dana Baltutis through the Creating Meaning collaborative. For further information, please visit:




We provide either clinic or home based auditory

integration programs to assist with developing the

active listening skills of the children.

Little Music Fan

All sessions are available with either speech or occupational therapists.

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